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Indian Chieftain Police Saddlebag Crash Drop Guards (for new rectangular bags)

Indian Chieftain Police Saddlebag Crash Drop Guards (for new rectangular bags)

I used to be apprehensive about accidental bike drops, and unfortunately, I've experienced it several times. Fortunately, these robust Police Saddlebag Crash Drop Guards proved to be a lifesaver, ensuring that neither the saddlebags nor the bike suffered any damage. Not only are these guards highly functional, but they also add a touch of beauty, enhancing the overall appearance of our Indian Chieftain. If you share my concerns about potential bike drops, I highly recommend these Police Saddlebag Crash Drop Guards as essential accessories.


Click here to see more beautiful Police Saddlebag Crash Drop Guards.


Additionally, these Police Saddlebag Crash Drop Guards come with the added benefit of giving your bike a broader and lower profile, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. They truly contribute to making your bike's rear end look even more attractive.


What's in the Box?

  • 1 pair of saddlebag guards, left side and right side, unless you ordered a single-sided replacement guard.
  • Hardware
  • Assembly and installation instruction



Chrome, matte black, gloss black, raw steel (paint your own color)



  • Indian Chieftain: 2019 to present new style Chieftain, Chieftain Limited, Chieftain Dark Horse, Chieftain Elite models (non-classic) with rectangular bags.
  • Indian Roadmaster: 2020 to present new style Roadmaster Dark Horse, Roadmaster Limited, and Roadmaster Elite models (non-classic) with rectangular bags.
  • Indian Springfield: 2020 to present new style Indian Springfield Dark Horse.


* For hard saddlebag models only. Do NOT order if you have the leather saddlebag models.



Most of our products are made to order. Please allow 5-8 weeks to ship your order.



We ship to US, Canada and worldwide. You may be responsible for import duty and tax.






M Custom Cycles



1.25" inch (80mm)



1/8" inch (3mm)





    Current turn-around time on this product is 5 to 8 weeks.


    Click here to download the Indian saddlebag guards installation instruction here.


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