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Victory Hammer Jackpot motorcycle sissy bar passenger backrest

13" (33cm) Victory Hammer Sissy Bar Passenger Backrest

Victory Hammer, we love that fat ass, arse, culo (Spanish), cul (French), pi-gu (Chinese)! Whatever you call it, you dream every day and night to make her ass look prettier, sexier, bigger... With this beautiful sexxxy ass bar (sissy bar), you will have the best-looking ass (your butt too) in town!


Click here to see more beautiful sissy bar on Victory Hammer pictures.


You will want to put this adorable but mean 13" (33cm) sissy bar on that ass, period!!! Get ready for compliments and attention from your H-D buddies, F-150 drivers, semi truckers, and even the cops (oops...).


An optional detachable black backrest pad can be mounted to the sissy bar