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Victory Jackpot Victory Alan Ness Jackpot Victory Cory Ness Jackpot motorcycle sissy bar passenger backrest

ACE Sissy Bar Backrest for Victory Jackpot

Victory Jackpot, we love that fat ass, arse, culo (Spanish), cul (French), pi-gu (Chinese)! Whatever you call it, you dream every day and night to make her ass look prettier, sexier, bigger... With this beautiful sexxxy ass bar (sissy bar), you will have the best-looking ass (your butt too) in town!


Click here to see more beautiful sissy bar pictures in different lengths.


You will want to put this sissy bar on that ass, period!!! Get ready for compliments and attention from your H-D buddies, F-150 drivers, semi truckers, and even the cops (oops...).


An optional detachable black backrest pad can be mounted to the sissy bar. What's so unique about the pad is that it doesn't require screws drilled to the sissy bar. Take the pad off to give the sissy bar a clean look when you go solo.


What's in the Box?

  • 1 Sissy bar
  • 2 mount brackets
  • Hardware
  • Passenger backrest pad (optional, sold separately)
  • Installation instruction





1. Available Sissy Bar Heights:

I offer 4 sissy bar heights to fit your travel needs:


13" (33cm) mini - so adorable

18" (46cm) M Custom original

24" (61cm) mean - Ben's favorite

30" (76cm) maniac - really really tall


2. Adjustable Tilt Angle:

Your sissy bar's upright angle is adjustable to suit your travel needs and style. Mount the bar straight up to give more room for your weekend gear. Tilt it down to achieve that 'Don't fxxx with me' (be kind...OK) statement to show off cruising around town.


3. Detachable Backrest Pad (optional):

Want to take off the backrest pad to give it the meanest look? Just take it off! There are no ugly drilled screw holes on the bar - only clean, smooth touch like a baby's skin.


4. Slidable Mount Brackets:

Your sissy bar can be slid forth and back to adjust the 'best-fit' position for your passenger. 


5. Hidden Mount Brackets:

I can't stand other sissy bars on the market where the brackets are mounted outside of the beautiful fender struts. Yes, butt ugly!!! Therefore I designed these brackets hidden behind the fender struts to keep it clean!


6. Available Finish:

Chrome, matte black, gloss black, raw steel (paint your own color). Note - chrome finish is not applicable for 30" (76cm) sissy bars.



Victory Jackpot, Victory Hammer.


 Production Lead Time: 

Most of our products are made to order. Please allow 4-7 weeks to ship your order.



We ship to the US, Canada, and internationally. You may be responsible for your local tax and duty.



We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. PayPal offers different 0% interest pay later payment plans that help you get the product you want without paying upfront. But please manage your finance wisely.






M Custom Cycles



Meansures from the bracket's upper rivet to the bar's tip-top



13" inch (33cm) base


Tube outside diameter:

1.25" inch (30mm)


Steel thickness:

10-gauge, 1/8" inch (3mm)








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    Current turn-around time on this product is 4-7 weeks.


    Click here to download the assembly instruction for your Victory Hammer, Victory Jackpot.


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$495.00 Regular Price
$370.00Sale Price
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