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Upcoming Projects

Here you will see my upcoming projects and get a tease of the product concept. Check back often for updates. I design the accessories around the bikes that I own. Currently I have a 2012 Victory Cross Country, 2008 Victory Jackpot, and a 2013 Victory Boardwalk.

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Fat Ass Sissy Bar
Victory Hammer & Jackpot

I always love that fat ass of the Victory Hammer and Victory Jackpot. These fat 250mm rear tires are just sexy. While I have designed the sissy bars for the Cross bikes and the narrow steel-frame bikes, I just can't leave these two fat asses out of the party. 

Follow us on our Fat Ass sissy bar project!


Super Ass Sissy Bar
Victory Vision

Victory Vision has the biggest asses among all Victory bikes. Although it's built for touring as the ultimate purpose, who said it can't show up to the club in style?

Follow us on our Super Ass sissy bar journey!



Police Style Saddlebag Guards
Victory Cross Bikes

Victory Cross bike owners demand nothing but the best to protect their rides. The police-style saddlebag guards offer extended protection to the expensive bags.

Follow us for the update!


360 Camera Side-Mount

You've got Gopro 360 on your handlebars, your helmet. But how about some nice footage from the side or from behind on you attacking the curves?

Follow us on this Camera side-mount development.

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