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13" (33cm) Mini Sissy Bar - Adorable

It all started as a hobby in my garage. And all of a sudden after 5 months, it turns into an international business for me: the Sissy Bar System

Besides my M Custom original 18" (46cm) sissy bar, I've been working on different sissy bar sizes like 13" (33cm) mini, 24" (61cm) mean, and 30" (76cm) maniac. Today I want to showcase this adorable piece of art – 13" (33cm) Sissy Bar.

The below picture shows a 13" sissy bar in gloss black finish mounted on my 2008 Victory Jackpot motorcycle.

What's so unique about this 13" (33cm) mini sissy bar? It's cute! It's a conversation striker. Wherever I go, this 13" mini attracts bystanders to talk about how cute and adorable about this bar. It looks mini but it packs with almighty features. To name a few:

Adjustable Sissy Bar Tilt Angle

Instead of a fixed boring position, I invented the option that you can tilt the bar up or down to tailor-fit your passenger or your travel. We all love to take photos with our beautiful bikes, right? With the adjustable angle, You'll be assured each shot will be the perfect cover photo. You can't go wrong with this mini.

Detachable Backrest Pad

Want to remove the backrest pad so your in-law can't sit on your back? No problem. Simply unscrew the 2 bolts. In fact, it will not expose any ugly screw holes in the bar because there is none.

Available Finish

I offer chrome, gloss black, matte black, and raw steel if you want to paint your own color.

Optional Detachable Luggage Rack

These adorable 13" sissy bars are available for sale on our website. I also offer a luggage rack that can be attached to the sissy bar brackets. Get yours today.

Taller Sissy Bar & Luggage Rack

These adorable 13" sissy bars and luggage rack combo are available for sale on our website. Don't forget that we also have taller 18", 24" and 30" sissy bars. Get yours today.

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