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ACE Sissy Bar & Luggage Rack Combo for Victory Hammer, Victory Jackpot

ACE Sissy Bar & Luggage Rack Combo for Victory Hammer, Victory Jackpot

You know all the good things about our Ace Sissy Bar but you need to carry more gear for a nice weekend getaway? We hear your voice and the luggage rack is available now. This oversized luggage rack can hold 3 cases of your favorite 12-pack (don't drink and ride!!!). Also, with my modular design on this sissy rack system, you will find it special fun to just put up the rack without the sissy bar. Boy... it becomes a spoiler. Have you seen a motorcycle with a sports car-like spoiler? It's so soo cool.


3 conversions you can play with:

a. Sissy bar and luggage rack combo

b. Sissy bar standalone

c. Luggage rack standalone


This sissy bar & luggage rack combo features the same head-turner stylish 18" tall Ace-style sissy bar, with quick-release latches.


What's in the Box?

  • 1 sissy bar
  • 1 luggage rack
  • 2 mount brackets
  • Hardware
  • Backrest pad and bracket (optional, sold separately)
  • Assembly and installation instruction





1. Adjustable Sissy Bar Upright Tilt Angle:

Your sissy bar's tilt angle is adjustable to suit your travel needs, passenger comfort, and riding style. Mount the bar straight up to give more room for your weekend gear. Tilt it down to achieve that 'Don't mess with me' (be kind...OK) statement to show off your bike cruising around town.


2. Available Sissy Bar Heights:

I offer 4 sissy bar heights to fit your taste:

13" (33cm) mini - so adorable

18" (46cm) M Custom original

24" (61cm) mean - Ben's favorite

30" (76cm) maniac - really really tall. 


3. Detachable Backrest Pad:

Want to take off the backrest pad to give it the meanest look? Just take it off! There are no ugly drilled screw holes on the bar - only clean, smooth touch like a baby's skin.


4. Detachable Luggage Rack 

Many of us like the idea that the luggage rack can be removed when we don't go on overnight long trips, right? This modular sissy rack design allows you to detach the luggage rack from the sissy bar.


5. Use the Sissy Bar Standalone

As mentioned above, sometimes are better off using just the sissy bar alone without the luggage rack. With this modular sissy rack design, you now have the options.


6. Use the Luggage Rack Standalone

It's pretty cool and stylish to use just the luggage rack alone. This sissy rack's modular design gives you the freedom to make your Cross bike into a unique sports car like style.


7. Available Finish:

Chrome, matte black, gloss black, raw steel (paint your own color).


Victory Hammer, Victory Jackpot.



 Production Lead Time: 

Most of our products are made to order. Please allow 4-7 weeks to ship your order.



We ship to the US, Canada, and worldwide.






M Custom Cycles


Sissy bar height:

Choice of 13", 18", 24", 30" (33cm, 46cm, 61cm, 76cm), meausres from the bracket's upper rivet to the bar's tip-top.


Luggage rack size:

Width x Length: 18-inch  x 13-inch (46cm x 33cm)


Luggage rack thickness:

1/8" inch (3mm)


Mounting bracket height:

2" inch (5cm), from fender to the upper rivet


Sissy bar base width:

12" inch (30cm)


Tube outside diameter:

1.25" inch (30mm)


Steel thickness:

10-gauge, 1/8" inch (3mm)





    Current turn-around time on this product is 4-7 weeks.


    Click here to download the assembly instruction for your Victory Hammer, Victory Jackpot.


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$695.00 Regular Price
$570.00Sale Price
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